Fun Activities That Will Compliment Your Farm Units

Farm Work Jobs

Spring is one of my favorite times of year, not just because that means summer's coming but, there are so many fun theme's you can do in your classroom during the spring. I always do my Farm Unit in the spring  I know there are some people who do these in the fall though.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I have a love for work jobs and all the independence it has taught my students! If you are a new reader you can check out my original post on work jobs here
 As part of my farm work jobs  will find a color matching activity.

farm color matching

Two Easy Matching Activities (5 items) 
Color Matching
Tracing (10 different farm related items) 

I plan on adding more to this work job packet because I just realized how small it is compared to my other work jobs! So rush over to TPT now and snag it for $2 before the price goes up, don't worry you will get those new jobs as well! 

Another Favorite: Interactive Farm Book:
Interactive books are a wonderful way to keep students engaged in your lesson, learning and a great way for them to practice skills on their own! 

This has been a big seller right now!
On the first page you will find some clues in writing and in the picture partially hidden behind the barn, which will help those students who struggle with word finding.

On the next page is the actual animal that they were referring to! This was one of the students favorite interactive book and it is very well loved!  (I print on card stock and laminate with my Scotch laminator and it has held up very well!)

My farm book has recently been updated to include a second interactive book exactly like the first book but it only has written clues, no pictures cues or the students to guess from. This would be a great activity for your older students! I know my students always have a hard understanding what I was describing. 

You can pick up my farm book here!

I hope these activities will fit nicely with your existing  farm unit, and if you don't have a farm unit I hope this is a great jumping off point! 

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