Being a Special Educator, we tend to find it difficult to assess our students who are non-verbal or have a speech delay that gets in the way of correctly answering questions about names or letter sounds.

I was in need of a beginning sound assessment that I could carry around easily, as I travel to and from schools. The idea of a digital version of my Quick and Easy Beginning Sound Assessment would be perfect as I would only have to carry around my iPad not all the other rings of assessment materials.

Don't get me wrong I love this product but as a traveling teacher it isn't always the easiest.  It is perfect and easy to store in a classroom!
With my digital beginning sound assessment you are able to assess verbally or for student's whose communication may not be understood you have choosing between pictures that start the same.

Here is what I use with students who are verbal enough for me to understand. Being an early childhood education for 10 years I have an ear for speech kiddos. Love the!
You will also have the option for having your student touch the corresponding picture that sounds like the picture at the top.  No matter what picture they click it will take them to the next screen.
If you need to challenge your students they can choose between three pictures. 

There are five sets of ten for each assessment set.
For students who may have visual problems seeing the iPad or if you just want a hard copy you are able to print the pages and include them in a binder.

Picture is large for students to see.
Two option assessment.
Three picture's to choose from.
I've included tabs so you can easily find the assessment you are needing.
I love different options for covers! You have color and black and white.

You will also receive data sheets for easy data collection. You will be able to put the number correct and circle the set the student completed. This way you are able to make sure you are not only doing the same set each time, and it is always hard to remember those things, at least for me!

I hope you enjoy this product I sure do! I will be adding more digital assessments such as ending sounds, letter knowledge, blends, etc. 
You can purchase the bundle here for a great deal! Prices will go up with new bundles being added.
All will be added prior to the start of next school year.


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