Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fall Interactive Counting Books


Fall is one of my favorite seasons! I love putting on jeans, hoodies, sweaters and boots!

I also love anything fall for my students. If you have not tried interactive books they are amazing! They keep kids more engaged and they are able to be used in so many ways! You can use them as centers, assessments, small group, large group activities, work jobs and so much more!
I updated this to be a darker gray!

One part of my job is helping create materials for students who are not progressing with the general education curriculum. I also think having students doing the exact same activity at their level gives students confidence and they don't stand out too much. 

I have differentiated my three books to include a gray answer. This way students have the same activity but are doing something at their level. Students can work on matching the number and/or counting the apples and having the answer to check their work.
 This pack includes one to one counting to 10. One with and one without answers.

Simple addition plus 1 up to 10.
Simple addition plus 2 up to 11.
These books are perfect for toddlers as well!

If you would like to check on this product you can click on this link or any picture above. 

You can also purchase the bundle deal!  Get it now because the price will be going up!


  1. A good type of books which is appropriate on the target age of a certain user. For sure, there are many people who will going to appreciate this and might wanted to have a copy for their kids.

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