LOTS of work jobs, now what?

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When trying to organize all of my work jobs I've tried many different storage options and I finally found one that I love! 

1)  File Folders: I quickly found out that there were some activities that they wouldn't all fit and this filled up my filing cabinets very quickly and I HATE filing cabinets. I definitely did not want more of these in my classroom! 

2) Binders: I worked so hard on creating my lovely work jobs that I didn't want to put holes in them :( So this didn't last long! As well as the fact that again I have some larger items that wouldn't fit into a binder. If you decide to do a binder you could take a picture of your larger items so you remember next year.

3) Drawers: I had some long drawers in my classroom that I attempted to store my items in.  I was able to the majority of my larger objects into the drawers but when the days got crazy and as time went on I quickly lost track of where everything was and we would just throw a work job into any random drawer. So no organization, which drives me nuts!

4) Tubs: My Final solution was rubber made tubes. I didn't want them to be BIG and bulky so I went with some small boxes 16"X12". 

I was able to put my paper work jobs as well as my bigger work jobs such as: sorting containers and erasers, etc. I sorted my boxes into fall, winter, spring and year round work jobs. I also have a container for work job materials (extra containers, pom poms, beads, velcro, etc) which helps so I can easily make a new work job when I feel inspired or have time! You can store them anyway you'd like but this is how I did mine! 

Another tip that I have is to take pictures of work jobs that you might not use all the time such as: 

This way you remember them all for next year! 

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