Supporting Students With Apraxia: H Sounds

Apraxia is now my passion, along with MANY other things!! Not only have I worked with numerous students with Apraxia but my daughter has Apraxia! Finding materials that are useful and affordable is difficult which led me to create materials that are geared towards students with Apraxia, but can also be used with other students with speech delays, and were affordable for therapists and parents!

I started by creating an interactive H sound book, as this was the first sounds my daughter was able to string together. (I know it's not your typical starting point, but we'll take anything right!)

The book above is available on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store for free. In this book you will find simple words as well as a fun way to practice the H sounds. Click here or the above picture and it will take you to this freebie. 

I create a bundle of H vocabulary and activities that can be used to focus and practice beginning H sounds.
Here is my final packet! Well, actually this is only ONE set of my final packet! After I took all these pictures and started finalizing everything I decided to differentiate it with a second pack.  Level 1 are easier words for students with Apraxia to say (pictured above) and Level 2 includes words that are a little more difficult.

In the packet you will get:
2 Interactive H books (Level 1 and Level 2)
2 H books in Color (NOT interactive, larger pictures of the H words, Level 1 and Level 2)
2 H books in black and white (great to send home with students to practice, Level 1 and Level 2)
2 sets of 2 X 2 pictures both color and black and white
2 sets of 4 X 4 pictures both in color and black and white
 3 different Dot a Sound pages (H version)
4 different cover choices for your 4 X 4 picture cards (in color and black and white)
Dividers to divide your 4 X 4 picture cards
 I use my 2 X 2 set of cards (color) and hid them in a sensory bin. Children take turns pulling out a picture and naming it. Above are lentils, a great thing to put in a sensory bin!

Having two sets of vocabulary allows you to differentiate your therapy needs based on students.  If you wanted you could have two sensory bins or you could put both sets of vocabulary in the same bin.
You can use the 2 X 2 cards along with the Dot pages that come in this pack.  My daughter is not always motivated by flipping cards over or simply naming pictures so I include her sensory system to activities and she is much more motivated.  Whenever you include Bingo Dabbers in any activity kids are always excited, especially at the preschool and early elementary level!

The above dabber is from the Dollar Tree, I don't suggest using those with the littles, they didn't come off hands and/or furniture easily! I suggest the ones below as they come off easily and don't stain clothes or the tables!

You can also use these for fine motor practice and art projects! I add these to my supply list (a few packs) every year!
 Students can also taking turns flipping over a picture, naming it and marking it off on their board

To take this activity to a more social level you can have students return the picture to the pile once they have mark it off on their board.  When students find a picture that they already have they can ask their peers "Who needs a house, etc" and then give that picture so their peer can mark it on their board. This is great to practice initiation, eye contact and sharing.
You can also use the 2 X 2 cards for make a memory game. Print on white card stock to avoid seeing the picture through the paper, which will also help with the life of your pieces.
I use the 4 X 4 cards for flash cards and quick progress monitoring.

Parents are always asking what they can do to work with their child at home and this is something you can give them to practice their child's words at home.
I use the black and white cards to send home with students. 

I love these cards as I can easily track students' progress and on those days when students are late to therapy or I only have a few minutes to service a student, I can pull out their ring and practice the words that they are working on! This could be a great RTI activity as well! I included dividers for both Level 1 H words and Level 2 H words so you can quickly flip to what sound and level students are working on. Will come in real handy when I have uploaded all my other packets for you as well!
To grab a copy for yourself can click on any picture in the post or onthe link below!

I am putting this packet on sale for today only at 50% off, so head on over to pick up a copy for yourself! Beginning H Sound Apraxia Packet


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