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Fall is one of my favorite seasons! I love wearing jeans with tall boots and warm sweaters , going to the apple orchard, apple crisp, apple cider, and going back to school and meeting new kiddos!  This week I am linking up with #TeacherMom to bring you some of my favorite fall activities and projects! So stay tuned!

This activity lends itself well to student of the week, star student as well as just learning letters and friends names! To start the activity you will need a picture of each child as well as their names either cut up on a sentence strip or post it notes (which I use because I always have those laying around)!

I put one letter on each post it note and lay the child's name out on the ground, felt board, white board or whatever you have available.
The song is sung to the tune of BINGO and goes:
There is a girl who is our friend and Alli is her name O.
A l l i
A l l i
A l l i
And Alli is her name O
For a boy change the girl to boy and her to him :)
Flip over the first letter and continue with the song:
There is a girl who is our friend and Alli is her name O.
(clap) l l i
(clap) l l i
(clap) l l i
And Alli is her name O
Continue flipping over post it notes and clap at each flipped over post it. Sing the above song until all letters are flipped over.

The kids love being able to clap the entire time

 I honestly cannot remember where this activity came from or if I made it up on my own, so I won't take credit for it, but it sure is a favorite of mine and my students!
I have always been able to use this song with every student's name in my classroom, some sound silly and long but the kids still enjoy it!!  While using this with my Early Childhood Special Education students we focused on one student a week but it would be easy to focus on more.
To find some more fun preschool/kindergarten literacy activities check out my Pinterest board

Five For Friday

I am teaming up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching to bring your five things about my week! 

It is our second week of school and I finally feel like I am helping teachers more! I am an Early Childhood Inclusion Education Coach and today I created a social story for one of my former students who needs practice filling his classmates and teachers bucket!  I love brainstorming with teachers and supporting them as I feel like everyone needs support and encouragement in the field of education and I am so blessed to have time to do that! 

I am armed and ready to enter our PBIS building in our district! I was on the team who created our own PBIS and implemented it in the building. It has been awesome and the kids love getting their tickets and being rewarded for positive behavior! I am so honored that they included me, as I am only in the building on certain days!

My dad is having spinal surgery next week and we pray that everything goes well and that this stops the pain that he is having that is making walking and life extremely difficult and painful! So I ask for any person who are willing to pray to say a quick prayer for my father! Thanks in advance! I know what the power of prayer can do! 

 I have been updated and adding to my Color and Number Interactive books and bundles on Teachers Pay Teachers! Included in each packet you get four total books. I really focus on differentiating my products so you can use them with as many kids as possible! With each kit you will get four books. Check them out below!
EASY: Students match color with a picture cue
MORE DIFFICULT: Color Matching. Great speech tool to increase sentence utterances.

EASY: Students work on number ID as well as color ID.

MORE DIFFICULT: Students count and find the number as well as the color.

So far I have:


With my bundle kit you will receive all the above mentioned books, which is a total of 16 for $10 which is a savings as each above kit is priced at $3 each. Get this now as I am in the process of adding a pumpkin and bat book for Halloween! I will be adding TONS more so it's well worth the $10 as you get all new books that are added and don't have to pay extra!  This price will be going up as I add new books!

I love our backyard! We live in a city but back up to a nature pressure so we get deer, sand hill cranes, blue herons and so much more! We joke and say my daughter has pet deer because we can get VERY close to them! So fun! 

I hope everyone is having a great week! 
Thanks for checking out my blog!  


Five for Friday


I am teaming up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday link up! 

It was my first week back at school this week and I am exhausted! Getting back into a routine will be nice but I really enjoyed being able to eat whenever I wanted and use the bathroom when I needed to!  Now onto retraining my body! 

I am so excited that I finished a new TPT product! I have a new interactive nursery rhyme book, emergent reader as well as questions for the kids! My ECSE students loved these last year and I am so excited to finally have another one to post! 


TODAY ONLY if you click on one of the pictures you can get this bundle for $1, which is 50% off what they usually are! Great to add to a literacy center, speech therapy season or your reading area! If you enjoy this one there are five other ones you can check out!

I started a new job this week as an Early Childhood Inclusion Coach! I am so excited about this new venture but also so nervous and hesitant as this is a new position so there is a lot of gray area and lots of things to put together and get ready! The best part about this is that it is PART TIME! I am now able to spend more time with my daughter and still work with kiddos! The best of both worlds! 

My two year old has been doing gymnastics for a year now and this week was ribbon ceremony! When she started she refused to go up there alone and look at her now! She also hated the stamps that they give at the end of class and now she willingly waits for them to come to put them on her hands! She's making so much progress, we are so proud of her!

I cannot wait for cooler weather and fall! It was 90 degrees and humid all week in schools with no air! NOT FUN! Hoping that it gets cooler in the coming weeks! 

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Currently.....in September

So excited to be linking back up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade on what I am doing currently! 

Here ya go!

It's my first week back to school.....so I'm watching/listening to Leah Remini: It's All Relative. I need some mindless TV right now! I'm so overwhelmed!

Tonight we had open house and we ended at 6:30 so I rushed home and was able to snuggle and play with my 2 year old before bedtime! So happy she's older and on these late nights (conferences and open house) I can see her before she goes to bed!

I am thinking.....it's my third day and I have an IEP.....no rest for the special ed teachers!

Today it was close to 90 degree's in a school with no air!!! I can't recall it being this hot at back to school time.....I'm hot just thinking about how sticky icky I was when I got home!

I need this weekend to refresh and feel that I can do this new job and new role that is still evolving day to day!!!! I am a planner so this is somewhat difficult for me! I just want a job description and everything to go as we had planned........

Goals for this year!
1)  Read a new book. Not the million books we check out from the library with my daughter but a good educational read! So if you have one please leave it in the comments!
2) Being in a new job this year making connections with general education teachers is vital to a success in this new role! Can't wait to meet all the new staff and connect with others on a different level!
3) BREATH! Sounds silly but not knowing exactly what is happening is stressing me out and I forget to breath and need to remember that everything happens for a reason!

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