Winter Work Jobs

If this is your first time visiting my blog you can learn about what work jobs are by clicking here.

My winter work jobs are one of my favorites! Not only are there 45 activities, but it is one that I have revisited over and over and added to it throughout the years!  Winter lasts a long time, at least in Michigan, so you can use these for months on end! With 45 activities your students will not be doing the same activity daily or even weekly! 

These activities can be used for work jobs, centers, morning work, supplementing the curriculum, informal assessments, working on specific skills and centers to name just a few.

I work with a diverse population of students so I am always creating activities that are differentiated for all levels of learning. This way all students are doing the "same" type of activities some are just a little harder or easier.

You will find different activities centered around the following areas:
Color Matching
Winter Item Matching  
Shape Matching
Letter Matching 
Number Matching
Number Order
One to one counting
Alphabetical Order
Tracing pages
Word Sorts
Color word reading
Sight word Matching

Below you will see a large variety of matching activities
Same activity just varying levels of difficulty

Color matching
Below are some math activities that can help support or supplement the curriculum, goals and objectives or help fill in holes.

Here are some examples of differentiated math activities included: 
** all activities are not pictured in this blog post. Visit here to get a better idea of what is included and purchase winter work jobs

When students in the general education classroom and they are unable to do math concepts these are some good activities for students to work on.

One to One counting to 10

Addition and subtraction to 10

AB and ABC patterns

Can be cut into strips or left as a whole sheet

 There is a large variety of reading activities for a variety of levels of students

Alphabet order
**Not pictured is alphabet matching
Includes kindergarten sight words
 I hope your students have as much fun as my daughter when completing the winter work jobs!