Blog Planner 2015

I am so excited about my new product that I just created and uploaded to Teachers Pay Teachers! I am new to blogging and need a place to keep track of EVERYTHING blog related: post ideas, giveaways, to do list, etc.! I searched online and couldn't find one that had everything I wanted so, I created my own!
I have customized it to be coil bound at an office store or you can also hole punch it and throw it in a binder. I wanted to feel fancy so I had mine bound! 

Included in this planner you will find pages for:
Giveaways and Reviews
Calendars (ranging from July 2015-June 2016)
Ads/Shout outs on Blogs
Blog Planning Pages 
Linky Party Calendar
Blog Series Planning
To Do Lists

The document is created so you can print everything (except the Linky Party Calendar) back to back. It is also customizable as you can have as many or as little pages as you want. I ended up printing more of the blog planning and blog serious planning pages when I was putting my final product together! Never know when inspiration will strike and hopefully, it will strike often! ;) 

You can put yours together anyway you would like and feel will meet your needs the best. After lots of re-arranging I put mine together as follows!

The calendar is my favorite part as I added the icons for Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest so you can track your followers and progress! I suggest doing it at the beginning or end of each month, but stick with whatever you choose for your first month!

A great place to keep track of what you are giving away or when people do reviews on your products!

Keep track of your #TeacherTribe's. If you haven't found yours yet you should! It's a great place to network with other teachers and is a great support system!

I have SO many teacher passwords and need to keep them in one place! I know, I know, you shouldn't write your passwords down but how do you expect me to remember them ALL!

This is how I organized mine! If you are new to blogging or are looking for a great product check it out! Click on any of the pictures and it will take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Here is the exact same product but a different color scheme!