Sundays in the summer!

I love Sundays in the summer as it doesn't mean I have to prepare to go back to work tomorrow! I do wish my hubby could enjoy Sundays as much as I do!
Here's what I am up to today! Or at least I hope to be up to!!
What I HAVE to do: I don't know about you but my laundry pile grows and grows and grows!! I even did laundry during the week but it didn't seem to help! I am trying to give my family as little pressures as possible so I have been making bread and last week I only made cinnamon raisin bread so I desperately need to make some white bread! I plan on trying oatmeal next week (when I can prepare and get the correct ingredients)! As all parents I need to clean up my daughters toys! As I type I am looking over a pile of toys but she'll be up in a little over an hour so I'll wait till she goes to bed for the day! That might give me some time to tackle my want to list!
What I WANT to do: My family and I went on a zoo trip yesterday and it was so fun! I want to blog about what great learning experiences and speech opportunities you can put into any family outing, especially the zoo!! I also want to find more of these link ups because they are so fun! Being a new blogger I need to find all the inspiration on what to write about!
What I will HAPPILY do: I am so excited to spend the day with my daughter! So far we have gone out to dinner, visited my mom, went grocery shopping, ate lunch and also went for a walk! Now it's nap time (or she should be sleeping!) so I will blog and wait for more fun when she wakes up!
This has been so fun! Thanks for letting me join your link up!

Amazing New Blog Design

Oh my goodness I cannot express enough how excited and grateful I am for the amazing Kristen at Chalk and Apples!
Chalk & Apples
Kristen did a semi costume design on my site and when I signed up the time frame was 1-2 weeks and her turn around for me was less than a week!! She was easy to work with and so fun! I am new to this whole blogging game and she walked me through every process and answered all of my silly questions! She also does buttons, teachers pay teachers banners, etc! If you are in the market for some design for your blog or stores check her out!!

TPT Seller Challenge: Week 2!

Week 2

So excited to dive into week 2 of our challenge! As you can see from the below description the main purpose of this week is to BLOG! This is something I have been wanting to do for a while!  Last school year 2014-2015, I made one for my classroom giving parents tips and some fun things to do with there child at home, included book order suggestions, etc, but next year I won't have a classroom of my own I will be doing more of consultation so I changed it to a teachers blog!  What a great time to change as I know I will be in some amazing classrooms and want to share all the wonderful things that I see! 

Onto the challenge......

My whole TPT journey started by me creating a lot of items for my early childhood special education classroom and I figure why not create a store and throw the things I've already made out there! We'll I've sold some items so now I have decided to dream and go big! 

1. This year has been very emotional and difficult for our family as we went through some medical concerns with our daughter. Thank God things turned out well on that end but now we are dealing with some speech and sensory concerns.  To address these we need to explore more therapy. We know our daughter needs our love and attention at this point in time and so with much thought and prayer we decided that we will manage with me going part time next year so on the days I am not working we will be at therapy! (Writing this post as we speak sitting in the therapy waiting the journey begins). With that said I hate that my paycheck will be cut in half or more (with insurance taken out) and figure this will be a great way to try to support my family in any way possible. My following is very small right now but hope with this new blog that will grow and grow! 

2.  I love teaching and love my students but I also know how precious my time with my little one is! Something you can never get back! I would love to be a stay at home mom until she gets into school full time. Once this happens I would love to go 3-4 days a week so I could still volunteer and be involved in my daughters school but also get back to my students and what I also love: teaching and/or supporting teachers!

3. Through my products I hope to give students a fun and interactive way to practice their skills as well as give great materials that are print and go activities or busy teachers!

4. We bought a ranch house that was built in 1981. Amazing bones and it is a house that I LOVE....everything except the dark kitchen! I want white cabinets, wood floors and upgraded appliances! Hubby and I are savers but with going part time this might need to take a back seat for a year or two! But maybe sooner with TPT!! 

5. My almost 2 year old (stop growing sweetie) loves Mickey Mouse! Sometimes if Mickey is on when I go to pick her up after school she considers watching Mickey instead of running over to me! :) I would love to see the excitement on her face when she gets to meet Mickey for the first time! I imagine when we finally do take the plunge and go to Disney she won't love Mickey as much but I will make sure to get her picture with Mickey as he's been her favorite thing for almost 2 years!

I am loving this challenge as it has given me the drive to do more blogging and I even have a designer working on my blog as you read!! So excited! Can't wait to see the new changes coming my way!!

TPT Makeover: Week 1

 As part of the TPT challenge that I am participating in we have weekly challenges. This weeks challenge was to pick a product from your Teachers Pay Teachers Store and update something about it!

I scrolled through my 27 products on Teachers Pay Teachers and one stood out to me as needing a face lift due to it's cover page!  The cover page itself was not very eye catching! This was one of my earlier project before I started investing in clip art, fonts, etc.! 
Concept of same and different

Not only did I update my cover page for this product but I added some data collection sheets to track progress in students ability to identify same and different in many different manners and forms! Data sheets go along with the product nicely and we all know how important DATA is! 

I also marked down this product by 50% for the week so if you teach preschool, kindergarten or special education at the early stages check out this fun product!  My students loved this product and if you use work stations I used the matching part as a work station for students who needed extra practice! 
Teaching Same and Different


Teacher Pay Teachers Challenge

I am so excited to be participating in the #TPTSellerChallenge !

Around December, I decided to take a leap and created a Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) store! I have slowly been uploading products to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store that I use in the classroom with students and have a sold a total of $49.20....not great, but it's a start! Also I have yet to upgrade to the premium account so I only got to keep at total of $22.32. Looking at this makes me want to upgrade ASAP!

So back to the challenge! This challenge is intended to help gain followers, increase stats and also grow your business!  The first part of the challenge was to look at you beginning stats!  I didn't realize how bad mine where!
I only have a personal Facebook and Instagram account so I will now be creating one for my blog which will link to my TPT store! I hope that my numbers grow in all areas once this challenge is over!!

Through this challenge I have already created a button for my store, which before it was just a picture of my daughter and I!  Check out my store by clicking on my button below!

ECSE Fun TPT Store

Can't wait to connect with awesome bloggers and sellers and learn so much! Keep checking back to see what progress I have made! I will make sure to blog about every step of the way! 



Welcome to my blog! I want to create an environment where I am able to give you quick tips, tricks and activities that work with students at school and things that I think are awesome, new and exciting in education! Please comment on posts and ask questions!

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how life is going for me! I am so blessed to have a job, that not only do I love, but to have summers to learn new things, refresh and spend time with my family!

I have taught Early Childhood Special Education for 9 years in the same district! I love working with littles and have learned a tremendous amount of information from students as well as the amazing staff that I have worked with! This coming school year I will be changing roles within my district. I am taking on a part time position as our districts Early Childhood Inclusion Coach. This job is new to the district and we have so much to learn and create but I am excited to be supporting individual students as well as staff members in there work with kids!  I know that we will be able to meet a larger amount of students and staff in with our new model!

Thanks for taking this journey with me!