Visuals in the Classroom

Do you use visuals in your classroom? If not what are you waiting for?! Visuals will support all learning types! Here are just a few reasons that you should be using them in your classroom!

Why Should I use Visuals?
 * Reduce anxiety
* Support students with special needs 
* Reduce confusion
* Reduce arguing
* Shows student what is expected of them
* Shows student what is next
*  Teaches independence by teaching them to follow a visual schedule
* Can reduce behavior concerns/problems
* Supports teaching step by step directions without having to talk the student through every step 

Research has shown that all learning styles benefit from visuals as it aides learning and it clarifies what is being taught and makes learning more permanent in the student's memory.

Have you ever bought a wooden play kitchen without at least looking at the pictures, even if you don't read the directions? I know I haven't! When there are a lot of pieces (or a lot of information) adults and students will revert back to visuals to make sure they know what is expected of them and/or how to complete a task. 


I hope you are thinking about adding visuals to your classroom.

All  visuals in my packet are worded in positive language. Example: "quiet hands" instead of "no hitting." Positive language has been shown to decrease negative behavior more effectively. I have included YES and NO as these are great when a student might be trying to argue with you. Showing a student a visual will decrease arguing because you can't argue with a picture!  


To help make adding visuals to your classroom easier for you. I have included a total of 97 different pictures and a total of 166 visual cards. You will see a few of the visuals used in different sets as they apply to each situation or setting.

The set of bathroom visuals can be helpful in supporting independence in the area of toileting. These show students the picture rather than always having to tell them what to do at every step.


 Keep this ring near the bathroom so it is easy for you or your paraprofessionals to access. 


This set includes 13 vials.  A few of the visuals you will find are: pants down, pants up, wash hands, paper towel, etc.

Here are visuals that you can use in any classroom and throughout your entire day. 


This set includes 40 visual pictures. Some of the pictures included are: sit, break, help, all done, help, eye's on teacher, and many more!

This set of visuals Recess  will likely use during playtime and recess. Keep on a separate ring near the door so you or your para's are able to quickly access these before going outside or being playtime. 


The pictures of outside activities are a great way to encourage students who may have a hard to deciding what to do or do not know how to play. This gives your students a purpose. 


There are 18 visuals. Some of the visuals include: share, slide, four square, help friends, etc.

These schedule visuals will support language and understanding of where a child should be and what activity they will be participating in. 


You will receive 24 visuals. Some of the visuals will be: computer, Gym, reading, math, etc.

I use these visuals during seat work as reminders to keep my students on track. 


This is a great way to remind students without having to nag them and repeat, repeat, repeat what they are supposed to do.  

There are 15 visuals. I tried to keep this one small so you will easily be able to find the ones you will need.

This set are visuals that I use on a daily basis. They are connected to my lanyard break away of course, so if a student pulls on my lanyard it will not chock or hurt me in anyway. The only reason that I use these seven is because I am not in a classroom of my own. I support teachers as a consultant so I am always on the go. I do carry plenty of all of these sets to leave and give to teachers in need!

 You will find four different cover options. Using a cover is your choice.  This just helps me know what pack of visuals is what before quickly handing them out to a teacher.


While using visuals you can continue on with your daily lesson and quietly, while not stopping your instruction, show a child a visual as a reminder of what they should be doing and continue on. 


This pack is in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for purchase.  You can click here or on any of the pictures and it will take you directly to my link.