I Decided to Get a Silhouette Cameo!

I've been debating for a long time about getting a Silhouette machine! I did my research and settled on the cameo! It did what I need: cuts paper, stickers, you can make tattoos, cut out vinyl and cut out HTV (you make shirts with this?!) This is  a whole new world to me! 

I was so excited to take it out of the box and start my first project but there was a lot that I DON'T know! Thank goodness I found Silhouette School Blog. Her Facebook page as well as her website is filled with AMAZING information! 

I looked around everywhere and compared prices, they are all comparable! You can get deals on the Silhouette website from time to time but I didn't want to wait! I had some Walmart gift cards so I thought I'd give it a look! I found the Silhouette Cameo Essential Bundle Kit. I love that this came with ALL these tools, I had NO clue how to use, but knew they were necessary! 

In the bundle you will find:

  •  Of course the machine!
  • $25 credit towards clip art in their store
  • Scrapper tool
  • Pick me up tool
  • Spatula Tool
  • 2 Blades
  • 2 Cutting mats
  •  100 free designs
  • One month subscription to Silhouette Online Design Store

I plan on making a T-shirt, party favors and banners for my daughters birthday and luckily I have till July!  I tested out my cuts on some old scrapbook paper to see how it works!  Silhouette School suggests choosing one project and diving in! 

My first project:

I went with vinyl for my first project! I created and cut a sign which we put on a door at school. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, maybe I'll do that Monday and add it to the website! I LOVE this font for larger prints!

My second project:

This was a GREAT idea, let's just say that! I bought this quote and printed it out on vinyl.  My plan was for my daughter to paint over the vinyl and I'd peal it off when she was done. I used removable vinyl, thinking that's great because I could remove it! Well it didn't stick :( I took about 30 minutes peeling the quote off the paper and putting it onto the canvas. Then I quickly painted some green to hold the vinyl down and then let my daughter do the rest! All in all it worked out!

We gave this to my dad today because he has been ill and needed a pick me up! 

These are just two of my projects I can't wait to figure out what else I should do!

Click here to see the Cameo Bundle Kit I purchased

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