Number Formation

I am so excited to say I FINALLY finished a project that I started at the beginning of the year! I am not sure why it took me so long to complete but I am excited that it is done.

I work with students on a daily basis who struggle with fine motor. I have found that putting a poem when teaching number formation helps to remind students of the correct way to form the number. Most of the students I work with will start at the bottom of the number or letter and go from there. This makes is more difficult for the students.
I created these posters that teach the student the correct way to form the numbers. The teachers I work with use the "Across the sky and down from heaven" version to form number 7, but I respect that not all teachers or districts are able or choose to use this version so I have a second version of the number 7 poem!
When purchasing this set you will get four different versions to choose from.
You will get this adorable number set with kids and this comes in black and white to save on ink or to create a tracing book for your students! You can also laminate these pages and stick them in your math centers with a dry erase marker for more practice.
It also comes with two chevron pattern poem style to choose from. With the poem on the left the words will go down on the side of the number. The set on the right has the entire poem at the top and the number below.
All of the poems are the same just in different formats!  This will hopefully guarantee that everyone finds a style that they like! 

I hang one set of the poems on the wall for students to view and to remind myself and the substitutes of the words to the number poems! I use the black and white set to laminate and students use a dry erase marker for their work jobs.
Included in this packet you will receive a practice page for every number. These are great to put out for morning work at the beginning of the year or when reviewing numbers.  Students are to trace the number, draw the number, tally the number and show the number in a ten frame.  I have also included the poem so parents know the poems as well!

To check the whole set out you can click here or on any of the pictures!