Assess Me Linky: Week 2
I have linked up with Tattooed Teacher for a 4 week get to know you link up! Here goes week 2!

* I love jeans but, when it's 90 degrees I must go for a skirt or dress!! I only have one pair of shorts that I like!

* I love silver but if you are going to buy me nice jewelry I'll wear anything!  :)

* I love online shopping now since I have found Stitch Fix! If you haven't tried it yet check it out! It's been a life saver! You can check out STITCH FIX here!

* I don't care for coffee or tea but I LOVE a McDonalds Diet Coke!

* I have a two year old so by default I am now a morning person but I would love to sleep in....maybe in another 18 years! Also waking up early means I'm in bed by 10pm every night!

I love these link fun!!

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