Workbasket Wednesday: Sorting Colors!

I am so excited to be linking up with Autism Classroom Resource for Workbasket Wednesday!

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Last year when I started Work Jobs I was in an ECSE classroom and I am so passionate about this as I saw how my students thrived and how independent they became throughout the year.

This Wednesday I will be blogging about color sorting workbaskets!  Here are some of my favorites!

I found these cute containers from Michael's Craft Store and put corresponding colored pom poms in the box for students to sort. I had a total of six containers and generally gave students three at a time, which gave me two work boxes! :)

I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a bag of pony beads and then needed to figure out what to do with them!  A great color matching and fine motor task was to put pony beads on corresponding pipe cleaners.  Depending on students I would only put a few pony beads in the box.

I had a lot of pony beads left over so I decided to use them again! This time I use these small containers at the Dollar Tree (there were 9 in the pack!) and glued a color bead on the bottom of each container as well as the top so students knew where the beads were intended to go.
Here is one more color sorting activity! This one is free in my TPT store so click on the picture and download it!! Students receive a board (as seen above), six yellow pictures and three non-yellow pictures.  Students are suppose to find all the yellow pieces. I plan on creating more colors to go with this pack, but this was what one of my students was focusing on at the end of the year last year! :)

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