3Doodler Starter Pen

As I've mentioned before I am someone who gets to try out products and give honest feedback to the company, etc. I am not getting paid for this and get no commission, it is all my ideas and opinions! I do get to keep the awesome pen though!

I received the 3Doodler Start pen they have THREE other pens but I choose this as I wanted to see how it worked and how it could be used in the classroom!

3Doodler has an educator program as well. If you choose this pen you could get it in a full set (12 pens) or a half set of (6 pens). With that you will have everything you need to get going! The full set is $599.99 and the half set is $349.99, it may seem pricey but if you see what you get it is a great deal! Think Donors Choose, grants, school foundations, PTO's, etc! Click here to find out more.

So back to our party! 
The pen comes with some charge but I suggest charging before use because once they start they won't stop! The girls only stopped because I didn't charge it enough!  The girls started doing so free hand on the doodle pad. They found it really cool but again it took some getting used to, it was harder then we thought it would be. The video's make it look a LOT easier. :( 

You will receive plastic that will go into the back of your pen.  It takes about 40 seconds to get going, not too long!  We could not figure out how to retract the plastic when we wanted to switch colors and followed the videos but it didn't work (very well could be human error but the girls were disappointed with that and wasted lots of plastic trying to get the new color to start)

As you can see the girls were playing with the pen on the carpet and I was a little nervous with what would be left behind but SO pleasantly surprised when it was hard as a rock and didn't get stuck in anything! Such easy clean up! 
The girls wanted to make rings and they decided to see how hot it would be on their skin. Of course, I read that it gets warm and won't burn so I let them and when I asked how it felt they said "it's not too hot that it'll burn you." This was one of the favorite things to make.

Here are some of our creations! 
I did this by using the circle on the doodle pad and then create the rest.

Now one thing I didn't like about this was it took SO much more plastic then the suggested number on the page. This one suggested 4 or 5 and it took us probably close to 10 and still needed it to be stronger.

Even though we had a few cons to this product the pro's far outweighed the negatives! The reviews are as follows:
7 year old- it's hard (it's intended for 8 and up but I can still see 8 year olds getting frustrated if it didn't go perfectly) 
11 year old: It's addicting (she's still playing with it days later and loving it!)
12 year old: I like it and it is addicting!
16 year old: This is awesome, it is addicting and I want one!
As you can see ages vary but they all enjoyed it, even the adults did too!! 
Again  I get nothing for this review so check it out yourself at:

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