Teacher Appreciation Week!

Now that I have a child, Teacher Appreciation week has taken on a whole new meaning! It is a time for me to take some time out of my busy day to say thank you to all the people who are making a difference in Alli's life! Alli has some amazing therapists in her life that I owe more than a simple thank you, but I'll give it my best. I got out my  Silhouette Cameo to create something from the heart!

 The first place I went to find all that I need for this project was Target, one of my favorite stores!

I picked up this pot and these adorable notebooks.
If you are looking for smaller notebooks you can get some really cute ones on Amazon, which would make great party favors!
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I have seen the quote "Thanks for Helping me Grow" floating around Pinterest and I decided to place it on a pot.  I could have bought the quote from the Shilouette store, but I did not like the flower on it, so I decided to create my own! 

As you can see I have the words Believe and Inspire, on my computer screen, which I am going add to the notebooks! I rotated the words and put it to the top of the page, which used a lot less vinyl=less waste!

I used Oracal 651, which is an outside permanent vinyl. The pot can be put outside for all to admire
Here is my final product! My vinyl was being annoying, well it might have been the creator (who was being impatient), so it was a learning process for me, but it turned out cute!
You can purchase vinyl through Expression Vinyl at a much cheaper cost than the Silhouette brand and the quality is better!
Lately I've been seening notebooks with cute little sayings on them for $9 or more, a little steep for me, so I decided to make my own! I purchased these for less than $4 each.  

I know that you can usually pick up some cute notebooks in the Target and Michael's Dollar section, but I didn't plan in advance! Now I plan on picking up notebooks ANYTIME I see them in the Dollar sections because they will make great gifts for people, especially those last minute gifts! You can customize them with names, initials, school name, sport theme, etc! The options are endless! 

 The picture doesn't do it justice, the coral looks great.

I love the saying "Believe" because all of Alli's therapists believe in her and that has made a world of difference! 

I made the second one for another therapist who is inspiring Alli and I to keep working all the time, even when it's tough!!  
The font I used for the notebooks is called Janda Stylish Script 

Make sure you take some time out of your week to thank your child's teacher or a favorite teacher from your past!  Don't feel pressure there is no need to give presents, the best gifts I have ever received were handwritten notes from parents!

This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I receive a small commission. This commission helps me support my family by allowing me to be part time to take my daughter to therapy on the other days. I would not support ANYTHING that I do not believe in!

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