Are you Ready for the Teacher Apprecaition Sale?!

If you haven't heard yet Teachers Pay Teachers is having a Teacher Appreciation Sale! This is one of the few times a year you can get your most wished items on sale for 28%!  So go fill your cart with goodies! I know I will! 

I am linking up with Teaching in Tongass and A TON of amazing TPT creators to bring you the top three items in our stores that people have on their wish lists! Do you have these yet?! If not check them out! 

Click on any of the pictures and it will take you to that product in my store!

Not only is this my number one on people’s wish lists but it is also my number one seller right now!  My Category Interactive Book is differentiated in two ways. As you can see above it will give you three examples and you will need to find the picture of what else would fit into the category.  

The second book has no picture clues just a sentence at the top of the page that will say "Find all the animals, etc." There are four boxes where your child will find all the animals, etc. from a range of pictures. 

Categories include:
Farm Animals
Things that fly
Things you drink
Things you read 
This is one of my student's favorite books! I recently updated this to include TWO books! As you see above the first page gives you clues of what animal it might be as well as a visual clue. The next page will show you the animal.  To differentiate it I created another book that had the same clues but no visual picture clues! If you switched up the pages in the second book it would still take some thinking on the student’s part to  figure out what animal they were talking about, even if they've read the first book. This is also a great book for pre-readers!
In my classroom I always have students fighting with their parents about wearing shorts in the winter and not understanding why they cant so I created this book that targets different weather conditions and seasons and how to dress for them!  This is another one of my student's favorite interactive books! 

I have just updated this to include THREE books!
1. What to wear in specific weather conditions 
2. What to wear in specific weather conditions in BLACK AND WHITE! 
3.  What to wear in different seasons
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Spread the word and check out other bloggers top 3 wish list items!

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