Teacher Pay Teachers Challenge

I am so excited to be participating in the #TPTSellerChallenge !

Around December, I decided to take a leap and created a Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) store! I have slowly been uploading products to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store that I use in the classroom with students and have a sold a total of $49.20....not great, but it's a start! Also I have yet to upgrade to the premium account so I only got to keep at total of $22.32. Looking at this makes me want to upgrade ASAP!

So back to the challenge! This challenge is intended to help gain followers, increase stats and also grow your business!  The first part of the challenge was to look at you beginning stats!  I didn't realize how bad mine where!
I only have a personal Facebook and Instagram account so I will now be creating one for my blog which will link to my TPT store! I hope that my numbers grow in all areas once this challenge is over!!

Through this challenge I have already created a button for my store, which before it was just a picture of my daughter and I!  Check out my store by clicking on my button below!

ECSE Fun TPT Store

Can't wait to connect with awesome bloggers and sellers and learn so much! Keep checking back to see what progress I have made! I will make sure to blog about every step of the way! 


  1. Great idea for a "makeover"! Cute button :)

  2. Once I made $100 I upgraded to the Premium Account. I actually think $45 for the first month is pretty awesome!