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I am teaming up with 50 great teacherprenuers to bring you tried and true classroom management and organizational strategies that work in our classrooms. Please make sure that you hop to each participating blog! We are also hosting a giveaway. Enter to win one of two great prizes. We are giving away the chance to win a $50 TpT Gift Card and classroom resources from over 30 teacher authors. Good luck!
Positive Praise and rewards!
Research states that positive reinforcement will yield a faster and better result than consequences! That is great but, if you are anything like me you spend WAY too much on your classroom yearly and you don't want to be buying little trinkets and rewards! So I created 55 different rewards that are FREE for your students to choose from!
You will actually be receiving 75 reward coupons as I made sure to include different genders, ethnicity and special needs!  
They come in color as well as black and white!
I created these reward coupons to go along with a school who was implementing PBIS. Instead of spending millions on ink I decided to create the black and white version and print them on colored paper!
 If you are interested in getting a copy of these amazing rewards click here or on any of the above pictures! 
I travel from school to school in my current job and to make my life easier I purchased a thirty one organizer and a binder for each school! 
In the side pockets will be visuals, computer cords, etc! So now all I need to do is go to my trunk and grab when I will need at each school!! I will than quickly and promptly place EVERYTHING back in this one spot to save my car from looking like a tornado went through it! Here's to hoping I can make it work! 
 Individual crayon boxes have been a wonderful thing in my classrooms! Each student gets a set of crayons (they fit up to 24 crayons) and they can do what they want to their crayons. No more crying because someone broke the blue crayon, etc. If it's broke it's theirs until I decide to replace all the crayons (usually halfway through the year). This also gives students some accountability and they take pride in THEIR crayons! You can get a pack of two at any Dollar Tree!

Also great to put decks of cards or game pieces in! 
 I used to throw everything for winter, fall and spring into LARGE totes and never could remember what I had!  This year I got smaller totes and organized my centers and/or work jobs into different categories! 

As you can see I had work job materials, winter work jobs, fall work jobs, spring work jobs, matching tasks, work jobs for anytime of the year. If you are a special education teacher and don't know about work jobs check out my original post as it is the best thing I have ever done to teach my students independence!
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