Christmas Work Jobs

Have you started getting your house decked out for Christmas?! I know we have! This is such a fun but busy time of year! I want to give you something that will make this time of year easier for you!

If you read my blog you know I have a passion for work jobs as they help create independence for student! I have created work jobs for every holiday!  These packets of activities can be used for centers, morning work, early finishers, informal assessments and so much more!  In total you will get 39 activities!! (one of those activities can be split into 8 work jobs!)

Differentiating activities is critical in education as we have students with a wide range of abilities in our classrooms! For each different type of activity (math, reading, puzzles, tracing, matching, color naming, sight word reading, etc) have different levels.  You will receive an easier version and a harder version for your more advanced learners.

I love that you can have two students sitting at a table and they are both working on the same skill but at their own level!

You will receive 4 matching activities ranging from 3 pictures to 10.

In the math section you will find: number order, number matching, shape matching, addition, subtraction, one to one counting, patterning and what number comes next.

You will receive two number order pages! The harder version goes from 1-20 and the easier version goes to 12 but also has the color cue to help students who may not be totally proficient.

Number order with color cues to help those who may not be proficient in number order.

You will receive 12 reading activities (color reading, alphabetical order, sight word reading, matching upper case to upper case and matching upper case to lower case letters).

Students match the sight word presents to the correct sight word tree.

 Students can all work on reading color words by one group of students reading the words and having to find that color, where the second group is matching color words that are already on the paper. 

All activities in this bundle are not photographed! You will get even more!! Click on any picture above or right here to take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

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