Fun Ways to Incorporate Fine Motor and Speech During Easter

I was able to create this sensory bin for around $5.30 (I already had the container, which I picked up at Michael's Craft Store for about $3.99). I was able use this sensory bin for fine motor skills as well as speech activities!  I could have gotten out of the Dollar Tree for $3.20 but I loved all the cute Eggs they had so I bought three packages of eggs, which you could get by with only one package!

 I picked up my eggs, adorable Easter Tongs and Easter Grass (PAPER) at the Dollar Tree! When I saw the Tongs I knew that these would make a great fine motor task!

I thought of three different fine motor activities for you to use with this sensory bin! 

1) Use the tongs to pick up the eggs: great for practicing scissors skills
2) Hide objects inside the eggs and the students will have to use their fine motor skills to get whatever is inside out! Depending on their age they can match the eggs to put them back together! 
3) Use scissors to cut the PAPER grass or have the students TEAR the grass (tearing paper is difficult for those who struggle with fine motor skills)

 I love being able to use one toy or object for more than one purpose, this cuts down on transitions and me loosing her attention while transitioning to another toy or activity. We used this activity to practice speech (as you can see my daughter is watching my mouth and using tactile cues).
  • Labeling: Hide objects inside the eggs and have the student name what is inside
  • Categorizing: I love using mini erasers and they fit perfectly inside the eggs. Have students sort based on categories such as food, vehicles, animals, etc 
  •  Naming or Identifying colors: Have students name the color egg or ask the student to find a specific color egg
  • Spatial Concepts: Once the student picks their egg have them place it in, under, on top, etc. A great way to get some movement into your activity for those who need to move!
  •  Simple requests such as: open, please, more, my turn, thank you, etc (A great time to use PECS by asking for specific colored eggs, big/little, etc.)
  • Social Skills: If you are in a group therapy session your student's can work on social skills such as: sharing, turn taking, eye contact, manners, etc!

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