Build a Flower: Phonemic Awareness Activity

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One of my favorite parts of my job is going into the Great Start Readiness Classroom (Four year old program). I love being able to still work with kids and create fun activities for them! This week in my small group I wanted to focus on beginning sounds and also create a fun craft! So this lead me to create this Build a Flower Game! 

I created this into a game but it could easily be used as a morning work, small group or even a quick unofficial assessment.  For my group I printed off three letter stems and the corresponding pictures.  Our group time is short and to save time I cut the petals prior to arrival. This can also be a great fine motor activity by having students cut out the petals on their own!

Each student in the group picked a letter stem and then I held up a picture one at a time and the students needed to name it, tell me the beginning sound and then the letter that makes that sound. Students then glued it to their flower and we continued until everyone had six petals. 

My centers contained 3-5 students so we did this activity together.  I have created two sets of printable petals for easy classroom use. 
  • one set have a page for each letter of the alphabet with six petals
  • One set has a page for each letter of the alphabet but this has 8 petals (two that do not belong)

This activity lends itself well to morning work and/or literacy time. Students can use the second set of petals, cut them out, and glue the six petals that have the same beginning sound as their letter. 

You can easily give all the students in your classroom a different letter and they will all turn out differently and then create a spring bulletin board!

Click on the picture or here to view this product!

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