How to Make an Awesome St. Patrick's Day and Spring Sensory Bin

I am so pumped about this sensory bin! I found the amazing idea from AndNextComeL. This is honestly one of the easiest and by far my favorite sensory bin yet! 


All you need for this sensory bin is:


1) Chickpeas: I used a total of six bags of Chickpeas that were 16oz each. I purchased mine at my local Meijer's for $1.50 a bag. The may also be called Garbanzo Beans.

2) Liquid Watercolor: I used ColorSplash that I bought offline at Walmart (1oz bottles). I am giving away two new sets of the six colors I used for this project through Rafflecopter! So sign up below to win!

3) Baggies: You can use zip lock baggies or even grocery store bags that you will use to mix the beans up

Take your beans and place them into your bag and squirt as much (or as little) of the liquid watercolor as you'd like! This all depends on the exact color you would like. For the yellow I squirted the whole 1oz bottle because I wanted a rich color! You could easily get away with making two batches of each color chickpeas with the 1oz bottles!

Shake the chickpeas and roll them around until they are nicely coated! I loved using the zip lock bags so I could make sure all my chickpeas had a nice coating of color!

Next lay them flat on some sort of paper to let them dry! 

Look at these awesome colors!  The beans dry REALLY REALLY fast! They were almost totally dry when I laid them onto the paper! I have a toddler so I wanted to make sure they were 100% dry before we started playing with them! 

Now it's time to ENJOY!!

 Slowly at first

Let the mixing begin!  

Such bright colors! I think I put too much watercolor on the purple ones!

What fun is it if you don't get inside! Yes I did see the orange one in her hair but that makes it REAL life! ;)

Having a ball!

 I love little toes!

Making sure there are no beans in her toes!

You can hide things in your sensory bin! I will be placing gold coins with letters on them into the bin as this is what our focus is currently with my 2 1/2 year old! You can hid or put anything into your bin: sight words, numbers, letters, pictures for vocabulary or speech, etc! 

Don't forget to enter to win your own set of Liquid watercolor below! 
When I went back outside this is what I saw! I thought this was so cool! That's how much I love this sensory bin! 

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  1. I think purple is just an impossible color to dye! I used food coloring but dying rice turned a funny shade like yours too!

  2. I am looking forward to trying to do purple again with a set for my friend!

  3. I work at a preschool with two year olds. Are chick beans considered a choking hazard at their age as everything goes into their mouths.

    1. I think it depends on students. My daughter didn't put things in her mouth so I wasn't worried. I never left her alone with them though. They are small and if kids put them into their mouth this wouldn't be good for you!