My Little Girl Turned 2!

I love a good reason to throw a party and my daughter's second birthday was the perfect reason! She turned 2 earlier this month and we have been so busy that we decided to have a small family gathering a few weeks later. (This doesn't mean I can't decorate and have a fun theme!)

I love to plan my parties around a theme! Last year it was Mickey Mouse and this year it was balls! Here is a peek at all of our fun! 

I searched Google and Pinterest to get ideas before creating my invitation

When Alli got up from her nap she wanted a cupcake RIGHT away! It was her party, so why not! 

Table Decorations: Love the Dollar Tree and the cute balls I found! 

Cheese ball puffs, blueberries and melon all in shapes of balls!

She's never had cheese balls and she kept coming back for more!
We are so blessed by all the love surrounding our daughter!

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