Dollar Deals

If you are anything like me, you want quality, but don't want to spend all your money!  One of my favorite places to shop for my classroom and work job materials is the Dollar Tree! I know they are all a little different but I haven't met a Dollar Tree I don't like!  I got to go without my daughter the other night (trouble, trouble, that means more shopping time) and I found some great deals that I want to pass along!

First of all, these are my ALL time favorite containers! They are amazing quality and hold up to little hands opening them up ALL day long! I used mine all year and have not had one break yet! This is pretty impressive especially since some of my preschoolers are pretty rough!
These containers come in a pack of 2 so it equals out to .50 cents a piece! Even better!!  Not sure if you knew of not but you can order online from the Dollar Tree, so if your Dollar Tree doesn't have the amount you want go online! Not only is the price amazing but the uses are endless!

Just a few things you might use them for include:
* Snacks
* PECS/Board Maker Cards
* Crayons (both fat and regular fit!)
* Game pieces
* Dice

An idea I got from of a friend of mine, Leslie (Kindergarten teacher), was to use these as crayon boxes. I used my trusty label maker and each student got a box and there own set of crayons, I used the 8 pack my school gives us for free, but the 24 pack also fits!  This helped me teach name recognition as well as create ownership in their property.  My students knew that they needed to take care of their crayons as they weren't getting new ones if they broke them, on purpose. I had the occasional accidental break and I would replace those crayons, but I have students who break crayons on purpose and those students just made the choice to use small crayons for the remainder of the year. This also helps students realize that there actions have consequences.  When you have a communal crayon box students don't care if they break the crayons, they can always get new ones. 

I then went over to the Teacher Section and found these fun games! These two fun math games work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! Might be fun for indoor recess or center time!

For younger students I found this color and shape game.I might need to go pick this up because I can think of some amazing work jobs for this! 

Do you need something to spruce up your classroom? Here are some magazine holders! I love the bright colors and know this would look great to hold books, magazines, or materials!
These are just a few of the things I found at the Dollar Tree as I was getting my daughter balloons for her second birthday! I'll bring you more Dollar Deals as I find them! 

What's your favorite thing to buy at the Dollar Tree?!


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  2. I love these containers! I use them for all of my card games. They hold up great and my students can open and close them by themselves. Great post! Miss Lulu