Grand Hotel Scavenger Hunt

I cannot believe I published my Mackinac Island blog post without mentioning the Grand Hotel Scavenger Hunt! 

My nieces are going into sixth and first grade and needed a little something fun to do after dinner, so I created a scavenger hunt for them to go on! 

My goal was to have the girls explore the hotel and see ALL of the floors and all the character that comes along with the hotel! I told them that they had to take the stairs a few times (so they could see how slanted they are)! They thought that was very fun, and you don't get the full experience unless you actually walk down them a few times! I sent my mom with the girls to supervise and she had a great time too!

I have included the scavenger hunt I made for the girls while we were there. Below I have included the answers, FOR THIS YEAR only, except the stairs because they can't move those, because every year you find different couches in different locations, decorations, etc!

While creating the scavenger hunt I went through the hotel and answered the questions so if they came back to the room with a wrong answer I could have them try again! They really enjoyed this! :)

Answers are as follows:

1. 8
2. 44 (These paintings are for sale so I cannot be certain that there will be 44 on your visit)
3. Unknown, will change yearly
4. When we were there they had 3
5. This is an opinion question so I took whatever answer the kids gave me! 
6. Had them take a picture with the cell phone, but they could also just check that they completed this task
7. This year there were 21
8. 32

The girls had a blast and this was such a great way for them to experience more of the hotel then just the room, arcade, porch and the swimming pool! This was also a FREE activity for the kids to do, which is always a bonus! :)

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