Mackinac Island: A Magical Vacation Spot

Mackinac Island is one of my all time favorite places to vacation! If you have never been you NEED to check it out, it is one of the most magical places (take that Disney:)! If you have, you know the magic of the Island I am referring to!

Mackinac Island is a quick 25-30-minute boat ride from Mackinaw City or St Ignace.  We were celebrating my grandma's 80th birthday so we took the whole crew with us this year!

When you step off the boat it feels like you are stepping back into time. The only transportation allowed on the Island is walking, horse or a bike. Golf carts are ONLY allowed on the golf course, nowhere else. The only vehicles on the Island are an ambulance and I am sure a fire truck and police car, but in my 8 plus years of going to the Island in the summers we have yet to see any vehicles!  

It is our family goal to go to Mackinac Island every summer and stay at the Grand Hotel. Sign up for their newsletter to get great deals!   This is my all-time favorite spot to stay on the Island. We have stayed at many different bed and breakfasts on the Island as well as a condo and we have yet to have a negative experience.

The Grand Hotel is amazing! It has the world longest porch with 100 white rocking chairs. You can sit on the porch and enjoy the flowers, weather and the freighters going by.  The hotel was built in 93 days and it is the only hotel owned and operated by family! You will find that the floors and stairs are not always level, which I find charming about the hotel. :) Each room is decorated differently and everything is repainted, re-carpeted and re-wallpapered each winter! My 1st grade niece kept saying "How beautiful" the hotel was every time we saw something new. They have chandeliers everywhere, and not the ones you would find at Home Depot or Lowes.

Here you can see the hallway is uneven and the girls are showing you how the stairs are slanted!  Don't walk down them after a few drinks or you will be so confused!

High Tea at the Grand Hotel is a great experience like none other! Every day at 3pm the Parlor is transformed with a harpist (which my daughter wanted to help her play!) and with the price of high tea you receive: tea, sherry and/or champagne, finger sandwiches, scones and an array of pastries.

Even my daughter got in on the action this year!

At 6:30 pm the hotel enforces a dress code on the porch and the parlor level. Woman must wear dresses or skirts and men must wear a tie and blazer.  There are photographers wondering around the porch and the parlor to take pictures of family and kids.  A five course meal follows and the food is amazing! You get to choose from three different options for each course, there is something for everyone.

The staff at the Grand Hotel will remind you of what customer service should be!  If you look at the staff's name tags you will see a number and that will indicate how long they have been working summers at the Grand Hotel.

The Island has so much more to offer than just the Grand Hotel! I'll list a few of our favorites below!

The Island has two forts for you to explore. They have activities for kids and adults alike.

You can ride your bike around the Island which is 8.3 miles. It sounds like a lot but it is flat and you can stop at any point during your ride. You can pull over to look at the awesome houses, freighters, sights, and neat rock displays.

Arch Rock: During your bike ride, short walk or a horse guided tour you will need to check out Arch Rock!

State Park: There are some amazing paths and great adventures to be had while walking in the parks on the island!

School Playground: A favorite of our family and a great place for kids to release some energy!
Main Street. Here you will find hotels, bed and breakfasts, local shops and places to eat! Don't forget to sample some fudge while you are there! 

I am already looking forward to our next trip to the Island!


  1. Awesome pictures!! I still have not taken Kyle there yet and want to soon!! I was lucky enough to chaperone Mandi's forensics tournaments at the Grand Hotel two years in a row!! Thanks for sharing.

    Cindy Fleck

    1. That would be awesome to chaperone! Look on the website you can get $129 a person deals and kids are free!