Second Candy Club Box!
This was such a welcomed surprised when I came home and found my Candy Club package, which I get monthly! My day had been pretty bad and the end of the end of the school year was rough and stressful so this turned my day around quickly! 

I was reading through my friend Tina Pratt's blog posts and she had her kids be guest bloggers! I love that idea! She writes for Cincinnati Family, click here to check her out!   I thought this was a great idea but since my little one struggles with speech and does not like to try new things the next best thing were my nieces, and I know they won't pass up candy!! My husband and I had a few pieces and then packed it away for our trip to Mackinac Island.

After dinner we decided that this was a great time for some taste testing! The girls were very excited!

First up were the Albanese Mini Gummy Bears

I loved the Albanese strawberry banana bears I got in my last box so I was excited to try another one of their products.

 Some thoughts the girls had about these were:

"I like them!" 
"They are yummy."
"I like how they all taste different."

My take on them is that my jar is empty, so they were delicious!  I usually try to stretch my candy jars for the whole month and each time my Albanese Gummies have tasted like they did the first day!

Next up were the Sour Power Strawberry Belts
The comments they gave about these were:

"They are sour!"

"I love sour stuff!"

"These are my favorite!"

I like sour candy but these were a little too sour for me! The girls were eating them VERY quickly but one belt for me was enough for the day! The girls took a handful of these back to their room to eat.

Last but not least: Gummy Chicken Feet

The name made them kind of nervous to try them but they said:

"They were good"

"Taste like peach"

I really enjoyed the chicken feet :) and have come to realize that I like gummy candy the best, which will be very helpful when I get to create my own box of candies next month!  Candy Club will be coming out with the option to choose your own candy! How cool is that!
I love these boxes so much and right now Candy Club is offering it's first time customers 50% off their first box and FREE SHIPPING! This is a total of about $14! You can't get this amount and quality candy anywhere! These are great gifts for kids birthdays, teacher gifts (what teacher doesn't love candy) or a nice thing to get your child's babysitter! 

You can also get a box for as low as $10.99! 

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