Little Einstein Birthday Party

My daughter turned four recently and this year she got to pick out her own theme for the party! I gave her choices of her favorite things and of course she picked Little Einstein’s. 

Let me just say if a show is on tv regularly then there should be toys/items available for purchase! I searched high and love and struggled coming up with some ideas! Likely Pinterest and Etsy saved that day! (At the end of this I will share where I got either the product or the ideas!)

So through all of the searching I knew I had to put together an outfit, games, gift bags and things to put inside, a cake, decorations and a cake! 

The first thing I start with is the outfit!  I decided to make one as I enjoy all the details of party planning!
The dress worked perfectly! It did shrink in the wash prior to use, so it was a little short but it still looked cute!
 I loved the svg file of Rocket and his friends and I knew I needed to do something more so I put it on the gift bags!

 This was a larger project then I had anticipated and it is in no way perfect but kids don't mind!
I went to Party City and bought instruments to fill the bags with!  They had instruments ranging from .25 cents to .85 cents! My daughter is still having a great time with her instruments.
 I needed to create a banner for her birthday! I got this idea from Etsy but since I had my Silhouette Cameo I decided I could make it myself!
I found a picture of a cake that I wanted to re-create. I have never decorated a cake other than slapping some frosting on it and calling it good so it was bound to be an adventure! Thanks to my mom's frosting we got it done!
To compete the cake I needed a toy rocket. I searched amazon and ebay but, my lord, those things can go up to $999! That is just insane! Luckily I found one on ebay and it was perfect, and I only spend $30! 
Not too bad for my first cake! LOTS of frosting but that's okay it passed the birthday girl test!

I am all about the details! I found this awesome paper at the craft store which could be used for just about anything! So I covered the top of the cake stand and wrapped her present in the paper as well.
The kids my daughters age are not at the age where they will do structured games and activities for a long period of time so I put out a craft table for the littles as well as some older cousins.
I got canvas from the craft store (look for the deals) it ended up being under $10 for 6.

It was a great birthday but I want time to slow down! Alli is growing up too fast!

For details on where I purchased items or where I got the ideas from you can find those listed below:
* Purchased the rocket svg on Etsy from Momascontrolledchaos
* Inspired by Pop Sugar
* Purchased the gift tags from partyirenelatimore
* Inspired by GKLLDesigns

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