Sunday, August 14, 2016

Differenetiated Readers: Short "a" cvc words

This is one of my favorite projects to date! I love this product because it is differentiated.  All students will be able to participate and work on the same concept but at very different levels!

In total you will get 12 interactive books and 8 black and white books for your students to work on and take home! 

I suggest going over all of the vocabulary prior to letting students create their own books or work on the interactive books to ensure success. 

Each of the following will contain two interactive books with different cvc short a words!

For your students who are not ready for beginning, ending sounds or reading words. The students will be able to simply match a picture and text. 

By allowing students who are not ready to start at this level you are giving students the confidence to be able to do what all of their peers are doing!
For beginning readers the next step will to be match text to text. Again these students are feeling great success in the ability to do what their peers are doing!
Students will then be able to move onto beginning or ending sounds.
I noticed that there are two H's next to each other and I have since changed that!
Ending sounds are always fun for students to work on and my favorite to teach!
I have created two different ways for students to read words. The first option the students will see the word and have to match the picture to the correct word. There are two of these books!

The second option will be for students to see the picture and find the corresponding word. You will receive two of these books as well. 

You get a total of 4 reading words books! (all different)

I typically use Velcro on my products but have found that when I run out or I need to stick pictures on wood, walls, etc I use Tack-It! It works just as well as Velcro and DOES NOT leave any residue behind! 

I have visuals all around my house and have had no problem with anything and I stick them right on my wood!

I have also included labels for all different books so you can store them nicely. Instead of labeling what type of book students are working on you could tell them what person they are to get books from! 

I will be adding short e, u, i and o shortly so the labels will come in handy! 

The books fit perfectly in a plastic shoe box! You can leave the tops off for students to get into easier but save the tops so when you are done all you need to do is put the top on for easy storage purposes!  

You could also leave the books out in your library and use the labels for storage when you are doing using them. 
I keep my boxes at the students levels so they can practice anytime they have a free moment or finish work quickly.  This is a great way to create independence and gives you the ability to work with other students during this time with little to no interruptions. (at least we hope)
As you can see the books will lay flat, which will help keep there shape and not bend.
I have created student books that are great for morning work, literacy groups, center and/or homework! 

My favorite thing about this is all students can be working on the same concept but at a different level!  I will be adding a book for the students who cannot do the beginning, ending sound or spelling the words and they will just trace the words and color the picture. That makes it a total of 8 books!
You will get eight total books for students to use. Black in white to save on ink as well as gives students the ability to color and there is no need for them to use scissors or glue!
You will get two beginning sound books. If you have a room parent or volunteer I suggest having them put the books together for you and have them restock as necessary!
Students will use crayons or pencils to write in the letters necessary to complete the word.
Spelling the word can be a fun and challenge activity for your higher level learners or to use again at the end of the school year!

I hope you enjoy this product I know I do! 

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