Cameo Creations from September 2016

We are already done with a month of school and well into fall! How did this happen!! A friend and I have decided to get together monthly to do fun cameo crafts! Great way to have some us time as well as do some projects on our ever lasting to do list!
 This is our schools second year rolling out PBIS. The first focus this year was bus rules! It was imperative that we got the bus drivers on board and excited about this, or it wouldn't work! We went over the rules with them, asked their opinions which made them feel more part of the process.  
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 We also gave each bus driver one of these cups full of candy and a gift card!  So far so good with the bus rules, everyone seems happy! 

It's football season so that means my husband will be cheering on the Green Bay Packers so I decided that our daughter will too this year! :) 
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We also needed an adorable pillow for my husbands man cave! It's got a zipper so I can remove it and change it for different seasons! 
At our September craft night, I made this adorable shirt for my daughter and her friends! 
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It's so much fun to craft with someone else to get input on your projects before you cut them out!
My daughter started preschool this year! Where in the world did time go! I do not have good handwriting and I wanted to have a sign for her to hold up (which she wasn't having!) so I took to my Silhouette! I will be able to keep this forever now!
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My daughter’s preschool is actually in our local University. It is a speech preschool and it has been such a blessing finding out about it! So of course she needed a college shirt!
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I couldn't find one I liked so I made one! My dear friend just got a heat press and I know what I'm getting for my birthday! It's amazing!
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As always I purchase all of my supplies from Expression Vinyl. Not only do they have the best prices,  a reward program but there products are amazing and come quickly! So when the mood strikes and you don't have the right color hop on over to Expression Vinyl and place an order! That's what I had to do last night!! :)

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