Adapting a Game For Students With Communication Devices

Inclusion is not only my passion but it is now part of my job! There is a fourth grade student who uses a communication device as her main mode of communication and attends the general education class 2 days a week. (She attends a center based program the other three days).  Finding ways to communicate and interact with her peers has been difficult as her communication device has limited vocabulary while she learns where and how to use the device. My goal is to find a way for her to play with her peers in socially acceptable and age appropriate ways! 

I took an old Guess Who game (the old version is my favorite!) and used words that were in her communication device and found clip art to match those words! 

 Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! 

Now the student can interact appropriately with her peers by asking them if they have a certain picture and she can answer the question yes/no when they ask her if she has that picture. Right now she requires little support by reminding her that they are asking only about the picture in the middle, not IF it's ANYWHERE on her board! But once she gets the concept down I think this will lend itself nicely to peer interaction without direct support!  Now I am hoping for some inside recess days so she can play this game with her peers!

 Guess who teaches so many skills! 

1) Social skills: turn taking, how to be a good loser and winner
2) Categorizing: Is your person a boy or girl, do they have a hat, etc.
3) Vocabulary builder- hat, mustache, boy, girl, etc. (you can create your own words to go with units you are studying or new words that you are working on in speech!)
4) Great for students with a communication devices! Easy to create and gives the students so much joy and excitement! 

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  1. Is there any way you could send me a pdf copy of this?! That is an awesome idea!