Currently October 2015
Welcome October! I am teaming up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade to share what I am currently up to this October!  You can join the link up by clicking on the above picture! 

Fall is one of my favorite months! I love being able to wear jeans, sweaters and boots!! I also love getting into my car and turning on the heated seats!! I just wish fall stayed longer than it does! 

I am in dire need of organizing my work materials! At the end of last year I moved out of the classroom and into a new position, which leaves me traveling all around the district and not going to an office.  So I am living out of my car right now! I plan on getting things in order so I have what I need with me at all times and then going into my office and organizing that as well!! So much to do! 

I have the best hubby who goes out of his way to get my a McDonald's diet coke in the mornings I am home! Such a sweetie!!

Hope your October has started out well!


  1. Oh, I remember those days of traveling from school to school - it DOES feel like you're living out of your car, doesn't it?!? Good luck getting everything set up the way you want it!!!
    And that is too sweet that your husband goes to get your Diet Coke! How thoughtful!
    :o) Pam
    Hedgehog Reader

    1. Yes it does feel like you live in your car! Hopeful that it all works out!! Thanks so much for checking out my blog!! I'm going to check yours out right now!