Winter Time Activities

I have included two fun Christmas themed activities that I have been doing with my little one at home, that I know your children will love!!

The first fun activity is a felt tree!

Preschool Christmas activity
Felt Tree

Felt is extremely inexpensive and I had some left over from some classroom projects so I cut out a triangle shape and used command stripes and attached it to a door. (you can attach it to anywhere in your house).  I have seen people on Pinterest use different shapes, colors and even different objects as ornaments.  I choose to use plain circle to get language such as ball or specific color names out of my little one.  If you are working on colors or shapes you can cut out different shapes and colors and have your child request what color and shape they want to put on the tree. They can also tell you what color or shapes they are taking off the tree.  Feel free to get creative! This is just a fun thing your child can do and hopefully it will keep them away from your Christmas tree!  We also have a Christmas tree in our classroom and it is a big hit! 

Felt Christmas tree
Fun times

I pinned a Pinterest pin of doing this with circle and snowmen pieces, which I will be doing in January for sure!

Christmas activities for preschoolers

Another fun activity involves contact paper!!  

Contact paper is new favorite thing! So I drew a Christmas tree on  the non-sticky side of contact paper and then taped it to my door.  I took the paper off of the sticky side and that is facing out. I then used pom pom balls as ornaments which will stick to the contact paper! (I get my pom pom balls from the Dollar store!) The contact paper will stay sticky for the whole month of December! (Wish I would have gotten this up sooner, sorry!)  Contact paper is VERY cheap and can be found at stores such as Walmart, Target, Meijer, etc. Typically it is kept in the house ware section of stores (where you find shelving paper).
Christmas tree activities

Give these fun activities a try!  They will keep your little one busy for a little bit so you can get something done!

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