I have a celebration

I am so excited! I got a full ride (tuition, books, conferences, etc) for two years at my local college through a federal grant. When I graduate I will have another master’s in education with an emphasis on Autism and be able to sit for my Boards to become a BCBA!  So, let me take you back three-four weeks!

Our special education supervisor sent us an email the day before this application was due! I hadn’t updated my resume since I first started looking for a job so that was one long night. It also meant I needed to have the university send people a form to fill out for my reference, as opposed to the letters I had! The flier was very confusing and I wasn’t exactly sure what it was all about.  I even debated applying because the application fee was $50. (Thank goodness my husband told me to do it!)

Once that was complete the next step was interviews. We interviewed with eight professors that would be overseeing the program.  Once again, we were given no direction and I had no idea what they wanted to see or talk about.  Just like my resume my portfolio had been updated but that was about 10 years ago.  Another few late nights of building a totally new portfolio and I was ready. The interviews were intimidating and I really thought I blew it. One of the professors didn’t seem like I had the training to hold the title in my current job and that was a massive blow and myself esteem at that point went in the toilet and I thought that they all felt the same way.  To top it off they didn’t even want to see my portfolio.

The program is only taking 6 special education students and 6 psychology students. There were close to 20 in the interview and they shared with us that there where phone interviews with another 6 or so that would take place.  

I saw an envelope in the mail from Western Michigan University and I was thinking they are sending me a no thank you letter but it was actually a letter giving me my student number, passwords, etc.  I still didn’t think I got in I just thought they sent that out to everyone.  About a week and a half later I got the official word that I was accepted!! I already hold a master’s in education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Developmentally Delayed so this will be my second (wondering if you can trade two in for a doctorate degree 😊!) Once I am done with this program I will have another master’s in education with an emphasis on Autism as well as sit for my boards for my BCBA!! I love my job and what I do but this could possibly open new doors to me!

I am so nervous but excited about this program! I know this will put a lot of pressure on my family and that scares me.  I work part time so I can take my daughter to therapy during my time off and I pray and pray that this will not affect her.  Someone wise told me that it will be a great opportunity for my husband and daughter to form a special. I will only have classes 2 nights a week, and I keep telling myself that it won’t be too overwhelming.  

I have put a few things on my list of musts and cannot do’s
·         I will only do school work when my daughter is not awake or she is occupied with something else.  I don’t want to take anymore time away from her.
·         I need to get some amazing crock pot recipes because I don’t cook and this will be putting a tremendous amount of stress on my husband.
·         I need to stick to a cleaning schedule.  I feel like the worst wife ever! I don’t cook and my cleaning skills are not the best!
I need to step up my game because I have a wonderful husband who supports me!

I can’t wait to share all the great new things I will learn!

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